Educator. Corporate Diversity Trainer. Personal Coach. Speaker

Educator. Corporate Diversity Trainer. Personal Coach. Speaker

Educator. Corporate Diversity Trainer. Personal Coach. SpeakerEducator. Corporate Diversity Trainer. Personal Coach. Speaker

Diversity Training

Live Group Training


From individual reflection to small group work, our high energy and engaging approach to training is different than traditional "sit and get" models.

Webinar Training


Live webinars are designed for work teams spread across various locations. For even greater accessibility, we will be launching a series of training through online courses that can be accessed at your leisure. 

What is Care Based Leadership?

  • Care Based Leadership is a framework developed by Dr. Paul David Spradley. This framework combines restorative justice, cultural responsiveness, and adaptive leadership theories into practical diversity training that rehumanizes the "other" by teaching how to care for rather than care about. 

  • Research suggests when organizations focus on care based behaviors, they reap the benefits of a more equitable corporate culture, as well as increased revenue.

  • Our unique Care Based Leadership framework keeps audiences engaged longer and provides practical steps towards personal and organizational growth.

  • Our training is guaranteed. 

Moving Towards Care Based Leadership Within Your Organization

  1. Consultation: Each service begins with a free consultation to align the training with your needs
  2. Customize: Training, webinars and individual coaching can be delivered in packages or grouped to fit your organization's needs 
  3. Conclusion: The goal is to provide tangible practices to actualize new care- based behaviors for both the organization and the individual 

Meet the Team


Our Guarantee

Care Based Leadership, LLC guarantees to deliver high-quality training with tangible takeaways to improve the practice of your organization. Should we fail to deliver according to this guarantee, or should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of our work, you can deduct any amount from the final payment which is deemed as fair.